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What Is the Quickest Way to Sell a Home in Tulsa?

Updated: Apr 9

If you’re looking to sell a home in Tulsa – and you want to do it quickly – it helps to view the situation through the lens of a potential buyer.

Although every potential buyer is unique, with their own set of must-have features, real estate purchasing trends can help set you on the right path. These are some of the most important steps you can take to sell your house as soon as possible, while still getting the price it’s worth.

Sell a home Tulsa

Make Your Home Easy to Show

Potential buyers need to spend plenty of time in the home before they can begin to picture themselves living there. No one is comfortable doing that if you and your family are at home, going through your regular routine.

The best way to make your home easy to show is have moved out before putting it on the market. If that’s not possible, plan to be away whenever showings are scheduled. Leave well in advance of the appointment time and plan to be away for at least an hour. Take pets with you or send them to doggy day camp while the property is being marketed.

Be Flexible

When your listing goes live on the MLS, dozens of potential buyers will receive notification based on the list of criteria they’ve given their agent. Many of these prospects will want to see it as soon as possible. Take advantage of that urgency by being as flexible as possible about showing appointments. Whenever possible, let agents schedule showings for their clients on the date and time they request it. The minor inconveniences this might cause will be more than offset if you get multiple offers in the first few days.

Present a Clean Slate

If your furnishings and personal belongings will remain in the house while the property is listed, remove all the clutter and ensure the home is sparkling clean (and smelling great) before showing appointments. Tuck away family photos and personal mementos so that potential buyers can picture themselves living there, rather than you and your family.

Hire the Best Real Estate Agent in Tulsa

The best way to learn what buyers are looking for today (and what they’re willing to pay top dollar for) is to talk to a local Realtor®. An experienced Tulsa real estate agent knows what’s going on in the market right now and how to get your house sold as quickly as possible without compromising on price.

Your agent can guide you in how to price your home, what types of updates you might want to make before selling, and how to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

An experienced Tulsa Realtor® will handle getting professional photographs taken for your listing and, if it’s appropriate, might recommend virtual tours and other proven marketing strategies.

In Tulsa, Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty offers best-in-class representation for both buyers and sellers. Allison has personally closed over 1,000 transactions totaling over $350 million in sales volume. Put her experience to work for you, whenever you want to buy or sell a home in Tulsa.

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