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Steps to Take Before You Sell a Home in Tulsa

Updated: Apr 9

Are you making plans to sell a home in Tulsa?


Whether you’ve outgrown your current home or you’re ready for a change of scenery, putting your property on the market and attracting the best offers can prove to be quite challenging. If you’re not sure where to start, you've come to the right place! Allison is more than happy to help with the steps you should take before you sell your Tulsa home.

Find the Right Tulsa Realtor®


An experienced local real estate agent – like Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty – will have strong marketing and negotiating skills as well as a network of important contacts. As such, a licensed Tulsa Realtor® can take on much of the work needed to sell your home. And with their expertise, you can look forward to a more efficient, faster sale for the highest possible price. 


Get Your Home Organized


Pre-packing away any excess belongings and storing them off-site is one of the initial steps to preparing your house for the market. It's helpful to do the same for personal mementos and family photos. Thorough and deep cleaning, including windows, adds to the value of the home and the impression it will provide to potential buyers.


Boost Your Curb Appeal


When you sell a home in Tulsa, the way the exterior looks definitely affect how quickly you find a buyer. Curb appeal matters, so consider measures to make your home more enticing. Taking care of your lawn and flower beds, touching up the paint and freshening up other areas can help you attract potential buyers.


Consider Home Updates


Updating major systems, like the HVAC, roof, appliances, etc. is very enticing to buyers in our market as well as painting the interior walls in neutral colors, installing energy-efficient windows. An inexpensive improvement is to change all light bulbs in the house to matching LED bulbs that are light and bright. Ask your Tulsa Realtor®, Allison Sheffield, which updates can help you make a greater profit when you sell your home.


Make Staging a Priority


Staging your home can make it more inviting to buyers and, therefore, more likely to attract strong offers. Key strategies include considering how the home will photograph, as most people will look online at photos first. Rearranging the furniture, adding throw pillows and fresh flowers, setting the table with dinnerware and hanging fluffy towels in the bathrooms are some great ideas to set the tone for showings. Allison can help you stage your home to sell.


Get High-Quality Photos


In today’s digital era, you need pictures to sell a home. Tulsa buyers are far more likely to see your property online before they see it in person, and high-quality photos will draw their attention. Real estate agents recommend hiring a professional photographer.


Reach Out to Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty


Preparing to sell a home in Tulsa takes both time and effort but taking the right steps can help ensure you reap a big reward. For expert help, turn to Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty.


With 17 years of experience, over $350 million in real estate sales and over 1,000 homes sold, Allison clearly understands the local marketplace. If you want to find a buyer soon – and you want to yield a big profit from the sale of your property – she’s the real estate agent you need. If you’re looking to sell a home in Tulsa, contact Allison Sheffield today.

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