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How to Make Your Tulsa Real Estate Listing Stand Out

Updated: Apr 9

More often than not, home buyers in Tulsa start their search for a property online – and when they do, they’re presented with thousands of local real estate listings. Therefore, making your listing stand out from the crowd is essential if you want a quick sale.

An experienced professional Realtor®, like Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty, is your best source for help developing a solid real estate listing that appeals to Tulsa home buyers. But for now, here are a few proven ways to capture attention.

Make Photos a Priority

You’ll want to include numerous photos in your listing – but be sure to get high-quality pictures. If you’re on a budget, you can familiarize yourself with the use of natural and artificial lighting to optimize snapshots. And it goes without saying, but make sure to consider curb appeal and proper staging before taking any pictures.

If at all possible, however, hire a professional photographer. That way, you can count on your listing having amazing photos. For a referral, ask your real estate agent.

Provide a Strong Description

Home buyers typically find real estate listings through a multiple listing service (MLS), and the online database has limitations on the length and scope of property descriptions. To stand out, you’ll need to use meaningful descriptive language – and a catchy opening line doesn’t hurt.

If you’re not all that confident in your writing skills, an experienced local Realtor® can give you some pointers. Or, if you prefer, you can simply hire a professional writer.

Highlight the Best Features

Many home buyers in Tulsa are looking for properties with large yards and bonus rooms. Homes that have an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), such as a living space above a detached garage or an interior in-law apartment, are also highly prized. Figure out the best features of your house, and be sure to point them out in your listing.

Of course, that may be easier said than done. If you need help deciding what features to emphasize, your real estate agent can offer advice.

Include a Floor Plan

When perusing real estate listings, Tulsa home buyers like to visualize the flow of the rooms and how their belongings might fit. As such, including a floor plan with a bird’s eye view of the living spaces can make a difference. Better yet, go with a 3-D floor plan or video tour, as that can make your listing far more engaging.

However, your Realtor® will likely advise against using a DIY walkthrough video. You’re better off leaving the filming to a professional videographer.

Tulsa properties with listings that appeal to potential home buyers stand a strong chance of selling quickly – and if that’s your goal, you need an experienced local Realtor®. Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty understands the local marketplace, and she has a range of other smart strategies for capturing attention with your real estate listing. For more tips and advice, contact Tulsa listing Realtor Allison Sheffield today.

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