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How to Find the Best Listing Realtor® in Tulsa

Updated: Apr 9

If you are selling a home in Tulsa, you’re likely searching for the best Listing Agent for you and your needs. With over 5000 licensed Realtors in the Tulsa Area to select from, it can be hard to determine which Listing Realtor will do the best job for you. When only the best Tulsa Listing Realtor® will do, call on Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty. Allison provides a highly personalized, boutique level of service. These are some of the factors that Allison considers to be most important when choosing a listing agent to sell your home in the Tulsa area.

Listing Realtors® in Tulsa Should Provide Outstanding Communication

Your agent will be the primary line of communication for everything to do with your transaction. Consequently, they need to be proactive in providing updates and responding to anything you need along the way. Too often, after a listing goes live on the MLS, agents stop communicating regularly with the sellers. It might be wise to ask any potential agent what their policies are about communicating and what they will commit to do for your transaction. Every transaction has both time-sensitive and non-urgent matters. If you have a preferred means of communication, relaying that to your agent and asking how comfortable the agent is with using your preferred primary means of communication can be very helpful. If you prefer to communicate via text or email rather than phone calls, it’s important to know that your agent will accommodate your preferences whenever possible as well as to understand why certain means of communication are valuable at various parts of the process. Finally, it is very helpful to know what backup plans your agent has for delivering great service to you if they’re unable to get back to you within a reasonable time. This could be an assistant, team member, or another agent from their brokerage that they work with closely that is able to handle the transaction with skill and care.

Listing Agents Work for You, the Seller

Once you enter into a listing agreement, your agent owes you a fiduciary duty, which means that they must be honest in all details and always act in your best interest, above even their own. As a part of the fiduciary duties of Realtors®, agents must be loyal and obedient to your wishes, as long as those wishes are lawful. They must maintain confidentiality and exercise reasonable care and diligence. They must also disclose any material facts to all parties involved in the transaction. Before choosing a listing Realtor®, discuss the agent’s philosophies about their duties to you as the client. Ask questions regarding their processes, the forms you will be asked to fill out and sign, etc. Beware of any agent who won’t take the time to go through forms and documents with you or answer your questions.

Successful Real Estate Agents Have a Formal Marketing Plan

Most listing agents will offer to go through their marketing plan with you. The plan doesn’t have to be in writing, but any agent should be eager to explain their process for marketing your home and getting it sold. Even in a robust market, agents should do more than plant a sign, enter the listing in the MLS, and hope for the best. There are many factors that influence a successful marketing plan like professional listing photos, videos, virtual tours, open houses, etc. Many of these factors vary on the particular house and market climate. You can ask how the agent will market your home online and in print. Finally, it is helpful to ask potential agents how they would approach pricing for your listing and why. An agent with a long history of selling homes quickly might sound impressive, but if they’re underpricing their listings to make that happen, you might want to keep looking. On the other hand, it may be wise to carefully consider a Realtor who is promising any certain price or anything that sounds too good to be true. Pricing a home is not an exact science and may need to be adjusted if an acceptable offer is not obtained in a reasonable time. If you need an exceptional listing Realtor® in Tulsa, talk to Allison Sheffield. Allison has been providing exceptional service for her clients for 17 years, and she knows how to get your home sold quickly and for top market value. Contact Allison now to learn more about why her clients say she’s one of the best Tulsa listing agents.

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