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How to Boost Curb Appeal When Selling Real Estate in Tulsa

Updated: Apr 9

When it comes to selling residential real estate in Tulsa, curb appeal is incredibly important. It's the first impression of the home, and attending to curb appeal is a great opportunity to set the tone for the showing.

From looking online to driving by, the exterior of your home is what buyers notice first, so of course you’ll want it to be appealing! First, go outside and look at it as if you were a buyer and you hadn’t seen it before. What do you see that needs to be taken care of? Clear the clutter, clean the exterior, touch up paint, tend to landscaping, and improving exterior lighting can help your house sell quicker and for top dollar.

Take steps to improve the look of your Tulsa property, and you’ll pique the interest of Buyers who want to invest in real estate. Below, Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty shares a few tips on how to boost your property’s curb appeal.

Clear the Clutter

A clean, well-kept look is optimal for the Tulsa residential real estate market, as home buyers will want to imagine the home as their own. To that end, we have prepared a helpful preparation checklist in advance of listing and home photography. The goal for clearing exterior clutter is to remove anything else that doesn’t belong – hide trash cans, tools and supplies and leave nothing except, perhaps, a few carefully chosen planters with seasonal flowers and outdoor furniture.

Clean the Exterior

If yours is like many Tulsa homes, your siding, windows and garage doors may be a bit dusty and dirty. Allison can recommend power washers and window cleaning professionals in Tulsa to get the exterior cleaned and prepared for the market.

Touch Up the Paint

Once the house is clean, look at the trim around the windows and doors to see if it needs some touch up or a full fresh coat of paint. Now’s your chance to choose a color that perfectly accents and updates your Tulsa property. For advice on which paint color to use for a boost in curb appeal and help finding a painting contractor to hire, just ask Allison.

Tend to the Landscaping

When people are looking at residential Tulsa properties for sale, they'll notice the lawn and garden areas. You’ll want to make sure your landscaping is at its best, with no overgrown trees or plants, freshly mowed grass, and weeded and edged garden beds. For most home sellers, hiring a landscaper is the easiest way to accomplish these tasks, and Allison can help recommend local professionals to get the job done for you.

Add Exterior Lighting

Landscape lighting can improve the curb appeal of your Tulsa home and aren't extremely pricey. Another easy fix is to change out burned out exterior light bulbs for fresh light bulbs. You'll want to make sure all the lightbulbs are the same color, as mismatched exterior lighting can throw off the look of the exterior. Our goal is to be thorough and to attract home buyers.

After more than a decade helping people buy, sell, and build residential properties, Allison Sheffield of Sheffield Realty understands the Tulsa housing market. She’s personally handled over 1,000 transactions from contract to closing, and she’s one of the most competent and qualified real estate agents in Tulsa. For expert tips on how to boost you’re the curb appeal of your Tulsa property, contact Allison Sheffield today.

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