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There are many reasons to buy a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, not the least of which is this city’s novel idea of paying remote workers to relocate here. But another reason is that Tulsa is an amazing city and in fact has been named one of the best places to live in the U.S.

If you’re thinking of moving to Tulsa and wonder what it’s like, imagine a small-town big city. Tulsa has world-class museums, restaurants and art galleries, but it also has a friendly, small-town vibe you won’t get in coastal cities such as Los Angeles and Boston. And if you love horses, dogs or both, Tulsa is definitely the city for you.

Real Estate Agent in Tulsa

When you’re considering a move to Tulsa, your first step is finding an experienced real estate agent with the necessary skills to help you. Allison Sheffield, a longtime Realtor in Tulsa, has helped hundreds of clients sell a home or buy a home in Tulsa. She is known for her honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Allison wants her clients to be happy, and she considers it her job to protect them. So when it’s time for the home inspection, Allison makes sure that this job is done by a qualified professional.

If any issues are listed on the home inspection report, Allison goes back to the seller to negotiate a solution. Are they willing to complete some or all repairs prior to closing? Are they willing to offer a credit in lieu of repairs?

These are important issues to iron out before any money exchanges hands.

Preferred Realtor in Tulsa, OK

When you’re shopping for a realtor in Tulsa, you want to find the one that best suits your needs. If you want a thoroughly knowledgeable expert on your side, you want a Realtor in Tulsa who has worked in her field full-time for many years, not a real estate agent who dabbles in sales on weekends. Dedicated Realtors know more about the local market, the process of buying and selling, and how to close a deal.

They have the experience and the negotiating skills to know how high or low of an offer to make so that you don’t overpay for your house in Tulsa, but also so that you don’t keep losing out when you bid.

Top Real Estate Listings in Tulsa

Your Realtor in Tulsa should be more than a real estate agent — they should be a source of information, the person you can turn to when you need advice and you don’t yet know anyone here.

Not only has Allison worked as a Realtor in Tulsa for decades, she was also born and raised here, so she knows everything there is to know about Tulsa. She can help you find a home inspector, contractors for needed repairs, movers — she can even tell you where to get the best steak in town or the best place to board your dogs when you go on vacation.

When you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, contact Allison Sheffield, the area’s best-known Realtor.